Other resources

Great resources for learning about Probability

There are a lot of good free resources available online for learning about probability and statistics. Both in the form of recorded lectures as well as textbook like material. For the recorded lectures, Khan Academy offers a more new thinking and perhaps more easy to understand lectures, whilst MIT gives more traditional, academic level lectures. Both are great resources that can complement each other.


Online lectures and material

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a wide range of educational videos about mathematics and other areas. They have a high school level course in probability, which can be a good starting point for anyone wanting to get a good introduction.


MIT OpenCourseWare

The prestigious university MIT offers free web based lecture series on many different engineering areas. They offer a university-level introductory course in probability and statistics. They also have follow-up courses, where you can use your probability and statistics knowledge. This is a great way to apply your knowledge, and learn more and expand on it.



Programming knowledge


Python is great, versatile programming language. There is a lot of functionality which can enable advanced probability and statistics operations. One good resource for starting out is learnpython.org, they teach the basics as well as some more advanced concepts


Codeacademy offers projects and quizzes, which makes the whole process of learning a bit more interactive than just reading. Codeacademy also offer a wide range of courses in other programming languages. Therefore, if you first learn one via their platform, the second one should be able to be learnt quickly, since you will become used to the interface.