Gaussian Number Generator

Gaussian Number Generator

The Gaussian distribution is one of the most widely used type of random variables within science and engineering.
It is also used in a lot of mathematical modeling of real life systems, since the gaussian distribution often is very good at describing many of these real life processes. This Gaussian Number Generator is very fast and easy to use!

Select the mean (average) and the variance (variation) for the random variable, and the number of values, then press generate.

What are Gaussian Random Variables?

Gaussian random variables are probably the most used type of random variable within science and engineering. It can describe a huge amount of real life systems and processes. Gaussian random variables are easy to work with, since if perform operations such as multiplication, addition, subtraction or division, there are easy expressions to calculate how the new random variable will behave, how it is distributed.

Where are Gaussian Random Variables used?

They are used within almost every branch of engineering such as control engineering, electrical engineering, communication engineering, mechanical engineering and computer engineering. They are often used to describe noise in systems.