Number Generators

Number Generators

This website provides several free random number generators (RNG). It can also be seen as a random number picker, which helps you pick random numbers. All these are configurable, and it is possible to select the number of random variables drawn, the mean and the variance. The Gaussian random variable is the most used random variable used within science and engineering, and it is very powerful and easy to analyze. The Uniform random variable is one of the most simple and easy to understand, and it is great for experiments and learning.

Gaussian Number Generator

Draws Gaussian distributed random variables. Used a lot within science and engineering.

Gaussian generator

Uniform Number Generator

Draws an equally likely number between two limits. Good for simple purposes and experiments.

Uniform generator

Integer Number Generator

Generates random integers (whole numbers). Great when you want to generate whole numbers between two bounds.

Integer number generator

Binary Code Generator

Generates binary code, a sequence of binary numbers. Also contains information about how binary numbers work and why we use binary numbers at the first place.

Binary code generator

How are the random numbers generated?

Random numbers can be generated in many different ways, most programming languages have a way of generating at least some kind of random variable. From this, it is possible to construct other types of random variables via mathematical transformations. Here all the number number generators use Javascript to generate the random numbers. The Gaussian random variable is formed by taking a uniformly distributed value and using the box-muller transform. This is since per default Javascript only offers the uniform random variables.